ET EnergieTechnologie has long-standing experience in hydrogen applications for space and aircraft industry. This expertise extends to development and testing of specific components as well as to facility construction and operation. ET EnergieTechnologie activities cover a wide range of space technology testing as well as special investigation or development tasks.

Examples for space technology tests

  • Cryo tank testing
  • Valve qualification testing
  • Sensor testing e.g. fiber optic sensor qualification
  • Hydrogen diffusion measurement under cryogenic conditions e.g. through reinforced plastics or insulation foams
  • Slush hydrogen development testing
  • Hydrogen gas port phase separator functional testing
  • Jettisonable fluid ground connector functional testing

Examples for special development tasks and investigations

  • Development of a cryogenic valve sealing compatible with Lox and LH2 for high pressure application
  • Experimental investigation of cryogenic two-phase flow including the development of a visualization system of phenomena occurring at the transition of supercritical to liquid hydrogen or during chill-down processes in cooling channels